Hamrah Dawm
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 26°6′N 32°20′E / 26.1°N 32.333°E / 26.1; 32.333
Country 22x20px Egypt
Governorate Qena
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Hamrah Dawm (Hamra Dom, Hamrat Dūm) is a small village in Upper Egypt. It is situated near the city of Qena, about 80 kilometres north-west of Luxor.[1]


Located on the west bank of the Nile in the Qena Governorate. It is known for being near the Jabal al-Tarif cliff in which the Gnostic Gospels of the Nag Hammadi library were found by Mohammed Ali Samman in December 1945.[2]

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  • [1] Nag Hammadi library
  • [2] GNS official US names database
  • [3] Discovery of the manuscripts

Coordinates: 26°6′0″N 32°20′0″E / 26.1°N 32.333333°E / 26.1; 32.333333


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