James Morgan Pryse (14 November 1849 – 22 April 1942) was an author, publisher, theosophist and founder of the Gnostic Society.

File:Emblema Teosófico XIX.jpg

Born in New London, Ohio, his father was a Welsh Presbyterian minister who also belonged to the Welsh order of Druid Bards. Pryse started his career in law, but gave it up for journalism. In adult life he travelled extensively, helping create a colony in Topolobampo, Mexico, and editing the Topolobampo periodical from his New Jersey home.

Madame Blavatsky asked him to publish her Esoteric Instructions.[1]

In Apocalypse Unsealed Pryse published the secret key to decoding the esoteric meaning of the book of Revelation, and The Restored New Testament also shows esoteric meaning.[2]

His publications include:

  • Apocalypse Unsealed
  • The Sermon on the Mount
  • The Restored New Testament (there is a somewhat newer book of this title that seems to be by a different author)


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  2. Michael Wassil, Dance of Ecstasy, 13 Mar 2011 <>

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